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Should I trade in Exness ? Is Exness Good?

Is Exness a reliable broker? For Forex traders, the reliability and comfort will always be relevant when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds.

Exness is a fully regulated and transparent broker with not only high operational standards, but superior service delivery in that it caters for all types of traders with different levels of experience.

Why your funds will be safe when you trade in Exness

Instant deposit and withdrawal

Exness traders can make deposits and withdrawals from an account of operations using a large amount of electronic payment systems. Exness works virtually with traders of all parts of the world, and every one of them should be able to choose the EPS that best suits your needs of Forex. 

Using the advantages of electronic payment systems and seamlessly providing traders with the best conditions, Exness has become the only Forex broker on the world that offers customers something unique: automatic withdrawal from a trading account. 

This service means that any Exness customer may withdraw funds from a trading account to an electronic wallet only a few seconds after requesting their withdrawal. Taking out your money is fully automated. Operations are completed without the need of involving specialists from the Department of Finance, which ensures that the employees of Exness will not interfere with the process in any way. Any client can instantly withdraw their profits to their wallets. There is nothing that can compares to this service. No other company in Forex is prepared to use a model for payments like this.

The instant withdrawal service is one of the most obvious signs of the reliability of Exness, because it gives your customers access 24 hours a day to the funds from their accounts of operations. Tens of thousands of traders from all over the world have already valued this ability. By staying with Exness, it is possible to continue raising the heights of professional expertise.

Considering the wishes of their customers, Exness has gone even further by eliminating the commissions in the deposits and withdrawals from the electronic payment systems more popular (Webmoney, Perfect Money, Neteller, Skrill, etc). And, that’s a clear sign of how committed Exness is with providing a good service for their customers. Not many companies go out of their way and hinder their profits just to provide a better experience. 

As well, to optimize their interactions with the electronic payment systems, Exness has created the unique model for deposits and withdrawals we already talked about. The reduction of the cost of the client in all possible ways is the heart of this model. The aforementioned automatic withdrawal of funds, which is one of the main components of this model, it is a superb addition to the list of conditions that Exness offers to its customers.

Exness License

Exness group is licensed by the supervisor of Cyprus, also known as CySEC, a body known in the field of business to regulate and supervise the activities of various Forex at a global level.

This broker is a member of the Compensation Fund for investors, which is responsible for protecting and guaranteeing the claims of customers and paid their money back in the event that the Exness broker may not be able to meet payments and financial debts.

Account Types

The type of accounts provided are tailored for different traders and commission costs on trades along with other pricing is relatively low when compared with other brokers. Exness offers competitive spreads, prices and trading conditions.

Exness offers traders a choice between four accounts, namely a Standard, Raw Spread, Zero and Pro Account.

Standard Account

The Standard account is one of the most popular choices and is tailored to meet the needs of all types of traders.

With the Standard account, traders can benefit from:

  • A minimum deposit of $1

  • Leverage up to 1:2000

  • Spreads from 0.3 pips

  • No trading commission

  • Minimum lot size of 0.01 lots, Maximum lot size which ranges from 7:00 – 20:50 GMT+0 at 200 lots, 21 – 6:59 GMT+0 at 20 lots.

  • Unlimited number of positions

  • A hedging margin of 0% for Forex currency pairs along with metals, energies and indices and 100% for Cryptocurrencies

  • A margin call of 60% and stop out of 0%, along with several others

Raw Spread Account

This type of account offers the lowest raw spreads with a relatively low fixed commission. In addition, it has several similar features as that of the Standard account, with notable differences such as:

  • A minimum deposit of $500

  • Commission per lot or side of up to $3.5

  • Spread form 0.0 pips

  • A margin call of 30%

The Zero Account

This account allows traders to obtain 0 spreads for 95% of the trading day on a total of 30 pairs. In addition, there are similar and standard account features as with the Standard Account, but it differs in the following ways:

  • A minimum deposit of $500

  • Commission per lot or side from $3.5

  • Spread from 0.0 pips

  • A margin call of 30%

Pro Account

The pro account is known as Exness’ instant execution account. With this account traders have access to excellent fill with no commission charges/fees on trading.

As with the Standard Account, there are a set of basic features, and the Pro Account varies in the following ways:

  • A minimum deposit of $500

  • Spread from 0.1

  • A margin call of 30%

Trading Products

Exness offers traders the opportunity to trade in instruments like Forex, metals, Cryptocurrencies, energies and Indices. Traders can experience a safe trading environment with the provision of an array of financial instruments and top-notch trading platforms that further cater for their every need.

Exness Charity Program

Exness provided many charity program in the last 10 years, there are several famous charity activities that we can named out, which all shows the exness is a reliable broker at the global level.

  • Exness offers football clinic to children’s charities with Real Madrid coach

  • Exness Donates 19 Ventilators And HazMat Suits To Public Health Sector

  • Exness donates equipment to CING, pledges up to €1m against coronavirus

About us: Exness Bangladesh, Largest Forex Trading Service Provider in Bangladesh. We are trying to educate newbies those are interested in Forex Trading so that they can make themselves professional. Exness provides traders with financial services and investment solutions that are tailored according to the needs of its clients.

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