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Before opening Exness accounts, you should know that Exness is a broker who doesn’t put too many advertisements out there but they are still one of the most popular and reliable brokers in the forex market. Everybody knows about them. Last month, their trading volume hit the record of $785 billion dollars.

Compared to other big brokers, Exness’ forex trading volume surely surpasses them. To be specific, it is three or four times higher than that of and doubles the figure of FxPro. There are just 44,000 clients trading at Exness monthly but they generate up to 395 billion dollars, their highest trading volume record.

This shows that traders at Exness trade a lot of money, which means Exness is trusted and loved by experienced and professional traders. And in this world, the ones who you should trust are the professionals. If you want to start a trading career in the forex market, Exness is a broker you should come to. It has all the best trading conditions you can think of.

Today, I’ll guide you through different types of Exness account and you can choose which one is suitable for your trading tactics. Exness have 4 types of account in total:

Recently, Exness just has its own wardrobe changed. They changed the look of the website (to what I think is more modern, dynamic, and eye-catching). Then, they renamed all of their trading accounts. The one the most traders choose, Mini account, is now called Exness Standard account. So, today we will learn whether there is anything new to this popular account.


When people open a trading account at Exness, most of them will choose Exness Standard account. Exness reports show that 80% of its customers are using Standard account. Why is it so popular? Let’s see the reasons:


For this account, the spread is only as low as 0.3 pip, one of the lowest spreads in the market for a real account. Moreover, no commission is charged. All Exness real accounts are free of commission or any hidden fees.


Only 1 dollar for minimum deposit. For brokers as big as Exness, they can require up to hundreds of dollars.Check Exness minimum deposit for Standard account here


For Exness Standard account, you can open positions at only 0.01 lot. You can open up to 200 lots at once (at Exness Limited VC). This is suitable for long-term traders who want to open many positions to reduce the risk.Check Exness trading volume for Standard account


Leverage is the ratio of equity to loan capital. To apply a leverage to your account, you have to borrow an amount of money from the broker. With the unlimited leverage available for Exness Standard account, you can enjoy free margin when trading.Check Exness unlimited leverage for Standard account.


When it comes to trading your hard-earned money, you must find the most reliable and transparent brokers to do business with. And nobody can compete with Exness about transparency. First of all, all financial records are uploaded to Exness home page. Secondly, Exness doesn’t have any hidden fees, which can be confirmed by thousands of traders since.


Withdrawing money from a forex broker is arguably the most frustrating part of forex trading. Some brokers can take up to days to process your demand. That’s not the case with Exness. Exness deposit/withdrawal process is done instantly all thanks to the advanced automated system they developed. You can really see the difference between Exness and their competitors.


Traders of all levels can work with Exness Standard account because it has many advantages. Thanks to its various perks and features, almost all forex trading strategies can be applied to this account. So what are you waiting for now? Open an Exness Standard account now and start making profits.

About us: Exness Bangladesh, Largest Forex Trading Service Provider in Bangladesh. We are trying to educate newbies those are interested in Forex Trading so that they can make themselves professional. Exness provides traders with financial services and investment solutions that are tailored according to the needs of its clients.

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