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Exness Zero Spread Account

Exness Zero Spread Account – Best Account for Forex Trader

For professional traders, Exness Zero accounts are considered to be the best account type on the market for trading, especially for traders who want to trade straight into the interbank market, where there is high liquidity and fast market execution, this is the most suitable type of account.

What is a zero account?

Zero account is a new product of Exness Broker. It is a special type of market order matching account that allows trading with no difference or almost no difference. This type of account does not limit the number of open orders. Zero accounts suitable for traders using robots (EA).

Open Exness Zero account Here

Advantages of zero Exness account

Spread spread is equal to 0: the spread fee is almost fixed at 0.0, the zero spread fee is the perfect and attractive condition when joining brokers and this is the most outstanding advantage of this account.

Zero accounts have the following features:

  1. Zero spread for the top 30 trading instruments for 95% of the trading day

  2. There will be no limit on the number of positions that can be opened

  3. Orders will be executed with market execution (no requotes)

  4. Tiered trading commission starting from as low as $3.5 per lot

Exness Zero Spread – You probably know that “spread” is the only way of making money by any Forex Broker. That means the broker that you are trading can earn profit from your Trading Spread. The spread varies from broker to broker. If your broker charges more spread, then it treats as a loss for you. On the other hand, a low spread broker is more popular because of its nature of trading costs. Many want to start real trade at the lowest spread broker. Many brokers have been providing this facility nowadays. In this article, we are trying to discuss the Exness Zero Spread trading account and its facilities. So let’s get started.

What is Spread?

Spread is basically when you take an entry, the entry is being started from a little bit loss. This loss is called spread in Forex Trading. If we make it easier, the gap between the buy and sell of a currency pair is called the spread.

Spread is the only way that a broker can earn profit from you and by using this amount broker handles all its activities and expenses. In a word, this spread is the source of income for the broker.

Lower is Better!

The spread of this broker starts at “0” when compared to other brokers, but will continue to change over the price movement of the market. However, most of the broker’s data indicate that the spread will be close to 0. Since the spread is low, it will not take time for your trade to come to profit.

Difference between other Accounts

  • Zero Account Vs Standard Account

  • Zero Account Vs Raw Spread Account

Exness Bangladesh, Largest Forex Trading Service Provider in Bangladesh. We are trying to educate newbies those are interested in Forex Trading so that they can make themselves professional. Exness provides traders with financial services and investment solutions that are tailored according to the needs of its clients.

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